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Wedding Photobooth at Blue Ribbon Cooking

Loren and I love us some Rebecca & Brian!  You know them as the couple who took us snow-shoeing for their engagement pictures.  Well, Rebecca & Brian are now Mr. & Mrs. and their wedding was unbelievably fun and beautiful.  While we have some gorgeous shots to show you from their day at Blue Ribbon […]

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Golden Hours

Remember back when it was warm… like last week?  Well, we ran around town with Amy & Erik for engagement photos after a quick warm up drink all together at the Four Seasons.  As we’ve been hit with the recent *lovely* weather of wind and rain, we wanted to take you back to those few […]

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Tyler and Nha’s First Wedding ;)

Tyler and Nha already have a big wedding planned in Seattle for September 3rd, 2010.  But As good parents do, Nha’s parents wanted to put on their own celebration for the bride and groom in their home and hometown of Wichita Falls, Texas last weekend.  As I’ll be photographing the wedding here, I packed up […]

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Ferry Run

Heather and Jeff met one another in a taxi cab in Seattle of all places.  Jeff  spends a lot of his time in Alaska as a commercial fisherman, a very tough and dangerous job.  Perhaps you’re familiar with a little TV program about it…  Heather is a lawyer for adults with disabilities and public defense.  […]

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Trust me…

Tyler and Nha are getting married today!  It’s the first of a two wedding celebration… One for Nha’s family in Wichita Falls, Texas where I am now and another later this year back home in Seattle.  Just a few short weeks ago, I took engagement portraits of them. Nha is a very hard working doctor […]

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