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Parsons Garden Engagement Photos – Lara & Greg

Parsons Garden is one of our favorite locations in all of Seattle.  {Perhaps you remember Tyler & Nha’s ‘Brave New World‘}  Maybe it’s because I read a LOT of fairytales growing up, but there’s just something slightly otherwordly and enchanted about it.  We stole away with Lara and Greg towards the end of their engagement […]

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Cherry Blossom Engagements – Mydieu & Keo

Today, in the Seattle grey and the drizzle, we bring you another cherry blossom moment.  Mydieu and Keo are the most playful couple!  Keo’s totally the serious guy and Mydieu just has this great ability to illicit a sly smile from him.  It’s really fun to watch them interact! View the Alante Photography Portfolio | […]

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UW Cherry Blossom Engagement Session – Becky & Sean

Ok, this post was sooooooooo difficult for me to do, I have to say.  I had the issue with a sneak peek where I just want to show EVERYTHING because I’m so excited about the photos.  Suffice it to say, there will most definitely be a follow up a little later ;) Meet Becky and […]

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Alki Beach Kiss

I couldn’t resist posting this kiss!  Inga and Josh are just too darn cute :) luv, Kimberly View the Alante Photography Portfolio | Contact Alante Photography

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Seattle Waterfront Engagement Photos – Dani & Jesse

Dani and Jesse grabbed perhaps the only non-rainy afternoon in, I don’t know… the last 10,000 years!  {Is anyone else so OVER this winter!?}  For their downtown Seattle engagement session.  We met up in Pioneer Square and ran around as Jesse cracked Dani up.  We had these two running all over the place and it […]

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