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Sexy, demure, flirtatious, bombshell… let the camera see how gorgeous you are.  Alante Photography invites you to flaunt it in a boudoir session all your own.  Enjoy model treatment as we create images we dare you to share.  Who will you let see?

What is Boudoir Photography?

Every woman answers this question differently.  To me, boudoir photography is beauty in the details: the fall of your hair, the light on your neckline, the curve in the small of your back.  It’s an intimate document of the beauty of you.  Be it stockings and garters, his rumpled white shirt, or a demure negligee, show what you want, how you want to create your boudoir images.

What do people do with Boudoir Images?

Again, nearly everyone answers this differently.  While images can be used as anything from a Facebook profile photo to a hidden photo in a wallet, we find that most women are excited about our Alante Desire Albums {6 inch square, satin, archival books}, select prints, and secret images for iPhones.  Create a true boudoir for yourself and order a wall print of your most bombshell image!  Contact us to talk about more options for using your photos.

Who sees my photos?

We believe that you dictate who gets to see your images.  During the session, it will be you and your choice of Kimberly or Loren.  We always begin with a consultation to craft an idea of exactly what you want from the session.  {areas of your body you love, areas of the body you love less}  There will never be anyone else that we bring along.  Some women wish to bring a female friend for comfort.  That’s totally ok!  Contact us if you’re interested in throwing a boudoir party!

During the editing phase of the process.  Your images are viewed and edited by only your photographer, Kimberly or Loren.  Images are not shared on our website, blog, or Facebook without your express written consent.  These pictures are for you.  They are a gift that you choose the recipients of.

What should I wear?

One of the most fun things about Boudoir Photography is the latitude that you enjoy in dressing {or undressing} for it!  Make it an excuse to buy some fun, new lingerie.  Steal your favorite shirt from his closet.  Go a little wild with corsets and stockings.  The decision is yours.  A couple of tips though:

  • Bring about three different looks.  Mix it up with bras and undies, slips, button up mens’ shirts, etc.
  • Don’t forget high heels to match!  Avoid thick heels.  Stilettos have a reputation for a reason.  Have cute toes though, as some images will undoubtedly be barefoot.
  • Accessories matter!  Snakey necklaces, feather hairpieces, and cocktail rings all photograph beautifully for boudoir!
  • Hair and make-up complete the look.  While not necessary at all, many women find themselves more confident in front of the camera if they’ve been styled.  Make a day of your boudoir session and pamper yourself with a manicure, pedicure, and hairstyling.  Take advantage of the make-up counters at Nordstrom to treat yourself to some new products and an application.  Contact us for recommendations on make-up artists who will come to you and even airbrush!
  • If you plan on revealing a lot, avoid wearing your bra for an hour before the shoot.  This will make sure you don’t have strap lines.  We can work backwards and add the bra back into the mix, later.
  • If you are going the stocking route, avoid the “stay up” stockings with the rubberized grippy tops.  They have a way of making the thinnest legs have a “muffin top”   Instead, bring a garter belt that holds your stockings.  It’s the classic look!

Where do you photograph?

Boudoir by definition means “A woman’s private sitting room, dressing room, or bedroom.”  It’s no surprise that most women like to have boudoir sessions done in their own homes.  If you’re looking for a change of scenery, there are many great hotels that have beautiful rooms that evoke a boudoir feel!  Please note that while we are happy to recommend locations {see all our recommendations below} locations are not included in the session pricing.

I’m totally excited to do this!  How much is it?

Boudoir sessions begin at $299 for two hours of photographing and three outfits.  A la carte pricing exists for Alante Desire Albums, prints, and other ways to use your photos.  Contact us for specifics or to build a custom package!

Truly, Alante Photography

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