Ferry Run

Heather and Jeff met one another in a taxi cab in Seattle of all places.  Jeff  spends a lot of his time in Alaska as a commercial fisherman, a very tough and dangerous job.  Perhaps you’re familiar with a little TV program about it…  Heather is a lawyer for adults with disabilities and public defense.  Together they love basketball, {as in white knuckles during the NCAA playoffs for the Huskies}, laugh really hard at Jeff’s “bad” jokes and love one another in a soft spoken way that really makes me smile.

We decided to take advantage of a cold, sunny, spring day and take a ferry ride from Edmonds.  Not the most epic of journeys as we don’t live but 3 minutes from one another but completely photo friendly.  Here are just a few of my faves of what the day produced!

Truly, Loren




On another note Alante Photography is implementing Cans for Comments. Every time someone posts a comment {except for the spammers… I’m looking at you Research Paper Writers and Canadian Pharmacies…} we are donating a can of food to the NW Harvest.  The contest, that our Facebook fans heard about first, is going on from now until the end of May 2010.  Go on… tell us what you really think!

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