Snoqualmie Pass Snowy Engagement Session

Our faithful canine assistant, Bokeh

“What’s a bluebird day?”  Loren had posted a photo on Facebook with that description and I had never heard it before.  That was the inverse of the usual conversation because I’m the word nerd.  But, I guess when it comes to ski and snow parlance, my Florida vocabulary can be a bit lacking.  When Loren explained it’s a clear blue sky after snowfall, I finally had the words to describe the awesome day that we had photographing Regan and Trevor’s snowy engagement session up at Snoqualmie Pass.

When Regan ran the idea past us, we couldn’t say yes quickly enough.  I love road trips, Loren loves the outdoors, and our dog Bokeh loves the snow.  We piled into the car and headed to the mountain to create a photo-set that is fun, tender, genuine, and romantic.  Check out the session below and give our beautiful couple some love in a comment!  Don’t miss the mini-slideshow of these cuties pulling each other around on the ice!

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