10 shoots in two weeks

It has been a busy two weeks with about 10 shoots. Each has been quite fun interacting with individuals and families alike. Each with their unique personalities that I love to bring out of them. After our initial visit the families and individuals become so comfortable with me and are free to be themselves (very important), letting go of the fear they might have of having their photograph taken. It is quite a beautiful thing to see people blossom so quickly and enjoy the photo session as much as I do.

These shots were just done yesterday, so I will have to put more up from the other portrait shoots done with in the last two weeks.

I don’t think that families in general realize how important it is to have portraits taken every so often. It is never planned, thinking “oh yea we need to have a portrait session” but never schedule one. Once they see the final product they always say that they should have done it sooner and are ecstatic about the photos.

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