Alante Photography and CameraRenter Join Forces.

It is Alante Photography’s pleasure to introduce a new partner, CameraRenter.

After meeting Jonathan Baillor, Owner of CameraRenter and seeing how easy he is to work with and finding out about his superior product and service we wanted to be able to partner with him and offer our clients a special opportunity and discount through Alante Photography. (See below)

Jonathan has given us some valuable in site on using his digital cameras for you and your guests:

CameraRenter’s easy-to-use digital photo/video cameras, convenient photo and video sharing, and Custom DVD Movies provide a great opportunity for weddings big and small and are excellent complements to professional wedding photographers.

Six Simple Ways to Miss Nothing &
Remember Everything from Your Event:

Give Your Cameras and Batteries out Before, During, and After Your Event

Each of your cameras takes over 450 pictures and Camera-Renter provides complimentary backup batteries, so don’t just use them during your event. Instead,
give them to family and friends before, during, and after your event.

Backup Your Backup Batteries
Each camera comes with batteries and backup batteries, and it’s a great idea to
have backups for the backups for those guests that really enjoy snapping pictures. This is quick and easy as regular double AA batteries are all you need.

Have a Few Guests Get Things Started
Once a few people start snapping pictures using your cameras, they will catch-on
like wildfire. Before you know it, everyone will be capturing everything.

Have Your DJ/MC Make an Announcement
At the start of your event, have your DJ/MC announce something like: “Be sure to
use the digital cameras provided by so we can all view, download,
and print each other’s pictures for free at ’sevent website.”

Give-Out Your Instruction Cards to All of Your Guests
If anyone is going to hand-out anything, make sure they hand-out the instruction cards included with your event package. This way your guest will know
how to view, download, and print, all of the pictures and videos from your digital cameras for free.

Forward Your Email Invitation to All of Your Family and Friends
About a week after we receive your cameras, we’ll email you an invitation to your
Personalized Memory Sharing Website. Be sure to forward your email invitation to
all of your guests. This is a quick and easy way to make sure that your family
and friends relive all the memories they helped you make for free.

How it works:

*Cameras delivered to your doorstep
Sit back and relax. You have enough to plan and worry about. CameraRenter mails easy-to-use digital photo/video cameras right to you along with return postage.

*Give cameras to friends & family
Have fun. Your friends and family have a great time capturing every aspect of your event with high quality digital pictures and videos.

*Remember & share everything
Treasure your event forever. We create a Custom Event Website with all of your pictures and videos for easy print ordering, viewing, downloading, and sharing.

*Remember everything with a Custom DVD
CameraRenter also offers Custom DVD Movies containing your favorite pictures and movies from your event. What better way to enjoy all of your cherished moments than sitting down with your friends and family and watching a DVD of them? And what better way to say thank you than with a DVD movie of all of the memories your friends and family helped you make?

With Alante Photography’s new partnership with CameraRenter all of our current, past and future clients will receive all of the photos and videos from their CameraRenter cameras for free, will also receive a of 10% discount on camera rentals from Camera-Renters when ordering through us.

The discount code for the free photos is: 0.00_88AlantePhotography. Please use this code when ordering.

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