Compare and Contrast

Photo by Alante Photography.

Marta and Christians wedding was set in Fiesole Italy about 30 miles outside of Florrence. A magnificent castle setting in the hills of Tuscany. The brilliance in this photograph is not the setting or the venue, but right fully so it is Marta! She is reminisce of Sofia Loren in how glamorous and confident she is in her natural pose leaning against her chair and that confident smirk on her face it is quite cinematic.

Now as one can see the gestures and protruding eye balls of the gentlemen surrounding her tell a fantastic story of how Marta is adored by her family and friends. You just can’t stage this. The true life fairy tale in a documentary, journalistic style, of wedding photography.

The contrast is that of a great staged portrait. There are many of them, very beautiful ones too! They take time and time away form the wedding day, reception family and friends. I love to produce that type of work and as you can see by the fashion photos in the Style section on the website But are clients willing or do they even know how much time will be needed to produce that type of shot? Usually not. If they are, great! Unfortunately I have heard of some horror stories where brides and grooms were not told that the photographer was going to take 4 to 5 hours of their time to get what the photographer needed as far as shots. Truly, the day is about the bride and groom and their wonderful day. Not about the photographer or other vendors.

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sunshine - May 21, 2010 - 4:54 pm

I hope you will keep updating your content constantly as you have one dedicated reader here.

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