Is Bad Photography Worth a $3500.00 mistake?

Photography by Alante photography ©2008

So what would you do if you were not satisfied with your photography AFTER your wedding?

A few of the top photographers in the Seattle area sat down for drinks last week and as we do, we talk shop. The subject came up as we were talking about how photographers are pricing themselves in the Puget Sound area compared to other areas around the country.

We also spoke of the horror stories we have all heard from total strangers we meet and how they speak up about their wedding when they find out that we are wedding photographers. Sometimes about how they didn’t like the final product. Usually it is due to out of focus shots or lack of great presentation of the final product. On occasion the photographer is incapable of completing his or her job during the wedding.  One word: lame.

My first question to them, again a complete stranger, is how much did you pay for your photography. 99% of the time they state that they paid less than $3500.00. My second question is would you have paid $5000.00 to get great amazing photographs of your one and only wedding day. And 100% of the time they say YES!

So it is quite stunning to me when great people settle for less on such an important event if not the most important event in their lives. They search and search, instead of using the recommendations they get from trusted friends and or event coordinators while also using their own instincts to know that it is more than worth the few extra dollars to get one of the best photographers. The good ones truly know their worth. Just be aware, is all I am saying.

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