Stills and Vids for your wedding

A prospective client Scott asked a great question today through email so I thought I might help a few people and give a little insight as to how I work with Videographers (Vids) during a wedding.


This is Scott…thanks again for meeting with us last night…it was really great to talk with you and also see more of your work. I thought of one other question…if you don’t mind.

Brittany and I were also thinking of contracting with a videographer…and I was wondering if it is ever difficult to share angles or figure out how both parties can best capture the same moment. I assume from your large background you’ve shot with lots of other people…so working with others isn’t something new…but I also assume there are certain challenges involved. For instance, are there some videographers in the area you find easier to work with and would recommend? Just curios…and thanks again.”

My response:

“Hey Scott!

My interactions with Vids has been great. Its funny, while I was working for news agencies covering some court room situations we would have 5 or 6 still photographers and Vids walking backwards in unison just to get that guy coming out of the court room. We would have one hand operating the camera, and one on the shoulder of the guy next to us, so we could all benefit and stay upright while blindly walking backwards trying to do our jobs in a crowded space of a court house hallway, “getting the shot” so to speak.

During weddings is it is actually much easier for me, do to my 15 years of experience and the fact that I am always looking for the right angle or perspective to get the best shot without getting in the way of the event before me, being your wedding. I think that there is one or two times that a Vid got in the way. So truly it is not a big deal and we usually duck under one another or one is lower to get a different angle. There is always plenty of opportunities to get great shots.

If I am setting you and Brittany up in shot for more of an elegant portrait, They usually know to stay out of the way and most of the time I ask them to get some vid of the situation because I know it will look awesome for your video.”

To answer Scotts question of who I favor in the industry of my favorites Videographer to work with check back soon I will post it in another blog entry.

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